THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Chance Returns!

Big changes are coming in these THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS spoilers! Amanda and her sister chart a new course, Noah and Tessa are excited about their new project, Jill has a proposition for Lily, Adam rubs salt in Billy’s wound, and Abby and Chase are finally reunited!

With their grandfather convicted, Amanda decides to toast her victory and her new partnership with her sister, Imani. “To Sinclair and Benedict, attorneys at law,” Amanda smiles, raising her glass. Imani pauses then suggests, “Hm. Maybe it should be Benedict and Sinclair.” Amanda grins and shoots her sister a look. “Girl,” she laughs, clinking glasses to toast their new partnership.

Sitting on the Crimson Lights patio, Tessa expresses her eagerness to be working with Noah. “Wow, I am so excited,” she exclaims. “This is gonna be so much fun.” Noah smiles and says, “Yeah, I’m already inspired.” Tessa suggests, “Well, let’s get to work!” but less enthusiastic is Mariah, who is also sitting at the table with them and can’t quite put on a happy face.

Y&R Jill Lily
Lily is stunned by Jill’s business proposal!CBS

Jill has returned to Genoa City to deal with the mess Billy has created at Chance Comm, and sits down with Lily to make her an offer. “I want you to take over for me,” Jill reveals. “As head of Chancellor Industries.” Will Lily accept her generous proposal? Meanwhile, over at the coffee shop, Billy has a run-in with Adam. “Good to see you, Billy,” Adam says, a smug grin on his face. “How are you enjoying early retirement?” Billy just glares back at his rival. Has Adam really won or might Billy find a way to fight back?

Abby has tracked down Kim Dunaway and wants some answers about why her husband didn’t contact her to let her know he wasn’t dead. “Why didn’t he let you reach out to me to let me know that he was alive?” she asks. But then a very familiar voice comes from behind her. “Because she knew it would put you in terrible danger,” Chance explains, walking into the room. “At least, I thought she knew.” At the sound of his voice, Abby freezes up, almost afraid to turn around and have it not be him. But then she turns and leaps off the couch as joy spreads across her face. “Chance!” she cries out, leaping into his arms. Husband and wife are finally reunited, but can she convince him to come home with her?

Check out this tease for the dramatic week of Y&R to come!

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