THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Mariah’s Baby Is In Danger!

Get ready for twists and turns in these THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS spoilers! Lily wonders what Billy’s up to, Sally shares her new plan with Chloe, Victor uncovers dirt on Ashland, and Mariah’s loved ones continue their desperate search even as the missing mother-to-be experiences serious abdominal pain!

Lily approaches Billy’s desk at Chance Comm to express her concerns. “Yeah, I’m getting kind of a funny feeling,” she reports. “It’s that feeling I get when I know that you’re hiding something from me.” Billy smiles at her, but will he bring Lily into the loop?

Out in the park, Chloe presses Sally to reveal what she’s plotting. “I wasn’t gonna share this with you until I was further along with this idea that I’m working on,” the redhead confesses. Impatient, Chloe prods: “Which is?” Folding up her tablet, Sally reveals, “I’m going to convince Victoria to let me design her wedding dress.” That’s gonna take some convincing!

Y&R Sally
Will Sally be able to smooth talk Victoria into letting her design her gown?CBS

Speaking of Victoria, she may not need a wedding dress if the Newman family has anything to say about it! “In our investigation of Ashland Locke’s past,” Victor informs Nick and Nikki, “we may have come up with something that’s potentially very interesting.” But is it enough to convince Victoria to call off the wedding?

“Please!” Mariah screams at the camera mounted high up on the wall of the room where she’s being held prisoner. “What are you going to do to us?!” With both Mariah and her baby missing, Abby is at the end of her rope. “The longer that this goes on,” she cries, “the more scared I get.” Rey is on the case, and promises: “I’m not gonna give up until Mariah’s found.” But in her room, Mariah feels a twinge and doubles over in pain. It’s likely the baby that the kidnapper is really after, but could the child be in serious danger?

Check out these teases for the dramatic week of Y&R coming up!

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