GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/25/21: Peter Confronts Nina!

Don’t miss today’s episode, because according to these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, it’s going to be a doozy! Brook Lynn tells off Austin, Spencer tries to cover his tracks, tensions rise between Jax and Carly, Maxie gets some news about her baby, and Nina tries to figure out what Peter is up to in Nixon Falls!

Chase and Willow have aired out all of their secrets and lies: He can walk, she and Michael are in love, and she only married Chase out of pity when he was on his deathbed and wants an annulment. During their brutally honest conversation, Willow remembers how Chase helped her through one of the most difficult times of her life. “I will always love you for that.”

Meanwhile, Austin has arrived at the Q estate to get the paperwork Chase has, proving that Edward wanted Jimmy Lee in his will after all. But Brook Lynn isn’t exactly ready to be besties with her estranged relative and tells Austin to take a hike. “It’s a nice sob story,” she spits out as a perplexed Michael looks on, “but we’re not buying it.”

At Wyndemere, Trina is trying to make sense of all that Spencer has said and done lately. What can she believe? How truthful was he with her, if at all? And is he still trying to manipulate and use her? “Trina, don’t,” Spencer says, with a smug-looking Esme by his side. “You know that’s a lie.”

Is Spencer still trying to manipulate Trina?ABC

Despite the strain on their relationship, Carly and Jax have been trying to at least play nice for the sake of their daughter, Josslyn. So why, during a meet-up at the Metro Court restaurant, is Jax calling out Carly on her behavior? “Is this what it’s going to be like from now on?”

Ever since she handed her newborn over to Brook Lynn, Maxie has been having a very difficult time being separated from her baby. Unexpectedly running into doting dad Valentin at the Metro Court — with “his” baby strapped in a carrier to his chest! — certainly doesn’t ease Maxie’s heartbreak over not being able to claim Bailey as Louise. Especially when Valentin delivers some shocking news! “There’s been a development in Louise’s case,” he reports. How will Maxie handle the news?

Finally, in Nixon Falls, “Mike” lets a grieving Phyllis know just how inspiring her relationship with her late husband was. “I’d be lucky to find what you and Lenny had,” he confesses. Oh, Mike, if you only knew who you really are and who you left behind! That revelation may be one step closer to actually happening, though, now that Peter has stumbled upon Nina and her beau “Mike” in the sleepy Pennsylvania town! As Peter makes himself comfortable at the Tan-O, Nina is determined to find out exactly what he’s after. “Just tell me what you want,” Nina demands.

Check out the teaser below for today’s exciting new episode of GH!

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