Holly on DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Everything You Need To Know

Kids aren’t always seen on soaps, so it’s understandable if some fans aren’t completely familiar with Holly on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. But we’re here to answer any questions you might have, including clearing up her complicated parentage! The character first appeared back in 2016 and was played by a series of twins until 2020 when Elin Alexander took over the role that she continues to play to this day.

When Daniel Jonas and Nicole Walker were unable to have a child together, Chloe Lane offered to be their surrogate, but the procedure failed. After Daniel’s death, Chloe tried again and this time became pregnant. However, no one knew that initially. In the beginning, Chloe thought that Deimos Kiriakis was her babydaddy, and Philip Kiriakis agreed to claim paternity to keep the villain out of the picture. But after DNA proved Deimos wasn’t the father, Chloe realized that the clinic had it wrong and she was really carrying Daniel and Nicole’s child!

Nicole helped Chloe deliver a beautiful baby girl, and while the infant was healthy, the mother suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. Before passing out, Chloe had urged Nicole to name the baby, so a confused Nicole put Holly down on the birth certificate. Chloe’s mother, Nancy Wesley, took custody of Holly and tampered with the DNA test that Deimos and Brady Black tried to do to prove the child’s paternity. When Chloe woke up, she wanted to tell Nicole the truth but found that she was engaged to Deimos and kept quiet so as not to let him anywhere near Holly.

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Poor Holly found herself the center of a tug-of-war!XJJohnson/

Eventually, Brady pressured Chloe into coming clean and while Nicole was overjoyed to learn Holly was her baby, this led to a bitter custody battle between the two women. Driven to extremes, a desperate Nicole assaulted Chloe and kidnapped Holly, planning to start a new life with Brady in Canada. But Xander Kiriakis tracked them down and kidnapped Nicole and Holly on Deimos’ orders. Eric Brady managed to rescue the mother and daughter but Nicole was arrested and forced to return the child to Chloe.

Chloe finally came to accept that Nicole was Holly’s mother and gave her back, but then child services stepped in and put the child in foster care for her own protection. With Brady’s help, Nicole managed to blackmail the corrupt judge Deimos had been using and was finally granted custody of her own child.

In 2018, Brady rescued Holly from a burning building, but Nicole was presumed dead. Eric tried to take custody of the little girl but stepped aside when Chloe took over. The following year, Nicole returned very much alive, but then was crushed when Holly was killed in a car crash. However, what really happened was that Xander had kidnapped the child and faked her death on Kristen DiMera’s orders. In the end, Kristen was forced to reveal the truth, and Nicole and Holly were once again reunited.

Although Holly began calling Eric “daddy,” she has now had to adjust to her mom’s new relationship with Rafe Hernandez. Stay tuned to DAYS to see how she continues to grow up!

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