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The Wedding Crasher!

“The bad luck has already started!” Little Emma hit the nail on the head! GENERAL HOSPITAL’s usually smiley-faced little lassie turned gloomy Gus the day of her dad and Sabrina’s wedding. The bride had something old, new and borrowed, but the “blue” thing (Ellie’s bracelet) was MIA, basically, because Ellie was, too. Cause for concern got worse before it got better when Lucy showed up and said she could officiate the ceremony because she couldn’t talk about the virtues of marriage when she couldn’t make her own work again! Felix’s magical way with words got Lucy over that crisis and assured her that Patrick and Sabrina were going to beat the odds and live happily ever after. As if.

Luke, meanwhile, captured and handcuffed Faison in the Wyndemere stables, where Nikolas had been given a nasty beating by one of Faison’s goons. Luke thought he had the situation under control, since he was the one with the gun pointed at the F-man! He thought wrong. Another baddie came up behind Spencer and now he was the one held prisoner! Faison wanted off the island, but he also wanted a hostage. Would it be Luke or Nikolas? One man would go with him; the other would be paying St. Peter a visit at the pearly gates. Faison flipped a coin. Luke was outta luck… until Anna barged in. Faison’s guys trained their guns on her, but Faison demanded they not shoot. She pointed her gun at her own chest and said she’d shoot herself if he killed Luke and Nikolas!

Back at the church, Patrick stopped in to clear the air with Sabrina before they exchanged vows. “I can’t wait to be your husband. So get that dress on and let’s do this,” he smiled. Moments later, the music played as Liz walked down the aisle, followed by a cute-as-a-bug Emma and, finally, Felix, with the beautiful bride on his arm. As he gave Sabrina’s hand to Patrick, the church door flew open. It was Robin!

While all THAT was going on, Bobbie arrived in Port Charles for the wedding and stopped by the Metro Court to pick up Luke. Instead, she found Jerry handcuffed to Luke’s bed! Jerry begged his former love to let him out of the restraints so he could get the one last dose of the polonium cure at GH. To make a long story short, Bobbie ended up with a knife held at her throat! At the same time, Maxie’s heart was getting squeezed, stomped on and put in a blender by Spinelli, who not only gently told her that she couldn’t see her baby daughter, he shut the door in her face! That really hurt!

Don’t forget, Thanksgiving Day ABC will run an encore Halloween episode and there’s a full network pre-emption on Friday. But, come Monday, Emma spots Robin, who is, at last, reunited with her family! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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