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“Fluke” Visits… Luke? Uh Huh!

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit, you cannot take your eyes off of Anthony Geary in GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Fluke story. And when “fake Luke” came face-to-face with a stoned, cross-eyed, drooling, straightjacketed “real Luke,” it was just about as creepy and bizarre as creepy and bizarre gets!

“It’s hard to believe that the drugged-out, wasted, broken weakling I see before me is Lucas Lorenzo Spencer… and I’m not,” Fluke said, squatting to get eye-to-eye with his buzz-scalped look-alike on the floor of a padded cell. Fluke laid it all out for Luke, telling him how he planned and studied him for years, waiting for the right moment for the switcheroo. But it wasn’t until Fluke announced that he had married Tracy and was taking “care of her in the sack” that Luke spoke, stumbling over and salivating as he forced out the words, “You keep your filthy hands off Tracy!”

The more Fluke shared what Spencer was missing in Port Charles, the more Luke teared up. Fluke finally verbalized his objective — to take over Port Charles and obliterate “that son of a bitch” Sonny Corinthos. As Fluke was about to step out of the cell, Luke asked who he was. With that, Fluke got right in his face and said, “That’s the million dollar question.”

South of the border down Puerto Rico way, Sonny was holding a gun on Ava, itching to pull the trigger. She grabbed the hand holding the weapon and lowered it to point at her belly. “I’m having your baby, Sonny,” she said calmly. She pulled out a pregnancy stick to prove it. Was it his or Morgan’s? Not that it mattered. Either way, she was as good as dead. “Listen, you bitch,” he shouted (“bitch” was the hot word Friday), “if you’re lying, you are dead!” And if she was telling the truth? “You’re still dead… nine months from now!” There was only one way to know for sure — a trip back to PC and a visit to GH!

Ric’s hope of having a red hot night in bed with Elizabeth went up in flames when Anna and a few PCPD officers stormed into his Metro Court suite with a warrant to search his room. While he was pleading his case to a shaken and speechless Liz, swearing that he was being framed, one of the cops found a gun. Ric was carted off to jail and Liz rushed to Alexis for help. But when Liz got to the lake house, Alexis wasn’t alone. Julian was there; the man that sealed Ric’s fate by falsely naming him as the Big Kahuna of the Jerome crime family. After Liz greeted him with a well-deserved “you bastard!” she was rattled to discover that Alexis believed her new boyfriend over her ex-husband and the father of her child. Bummer.

Oh, and there was that little thing about a drunken and depressed Morgan pulling Olivia into a kiss and suggesting they sleep together. He likes older women; she likes younger men. What harm could it do? Olivia was a bit of a party pooper and turned him down. She might want to rethink that!

Next week, Alexis breaks the news to Molly, Sonny begs Morgan for forgiveness and Maxie meets with a judge about her daughter. Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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